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List Description
A [no description available]
Mailman [no description available]
rc-hl-oc RoboCupSoccer Humanoid OC
rc-hl-tc RoboCupSoccer Humanoid TC
rc-home-oc RoboCup@Home OC
rc-home-tc RoboCup@Home TC
rc-logistics-oc RoboCupIndustrial Logistics OC
rc-logistics-tc RoboCupIndustrial Logistics TC
rc-msl-oc RoboCupSoccer MSL OC
rc-msl-tc RoboCupSoccer MSL TC
rc-rrl-oc RoboCupRescue Robot OC
rc-rrl-tc RoboCupRescue Robot TC
rc-rsla-oc RoboCupRescue Simulation Agents OC
rc-rsla-tc RoboCupRescue Simulation Agents TC
rc-rslv-oc RoboCupRescue Simulation Virtual Robots OC
rc-rslv-tc RoboCupRescue Simulation Virtual Robots TC
rc-spl-oc RoboCupSoccer SPL OC
rc-spl-tc RoboCupSoccer SPL TC
rc-ss2d-oc RoboCupSoccer Simulation 2D OC
rc-ss2d-tc RoboCupSoccer Simulation 2D TC
rc-ss3d-oc RoboCupSoccer Simulation 3D OC
rc-ss3d-tc RoboCupSoccer Simulation 3D TC
rc-ssl-oc RoboCupSoccer SSL OC
rc-ssl-tc RoboCupSoccer SSL TC
rc-work RoboCupIndustrial @Work public list
rc-work-oc RoboCupIndustrial @Work OC
rc-work-tc RoboCupIndustrial @Work TC
rcj-cospace-oc RoboCupJunior CoSpace OC
rcj-cospace-tc RoboCupJunior CoSpace TC
rcj-onstage-oc RoboCupJunior OnStage OC
rcj-onstage-tc RoboCupJunior OnStage TC
rcj-rescue-oc RoboCupJunior Rescue OC
rcj-rescue-tc RoboCupJunior Rescue TC
rcj-soccer-oc RoboCupJunior Soccer OC
rcj-soccer-tc RoboCupJunior Soccer TC
RoboCup-athome RoboCup@Home public list
RoboCup-exec The RoboCup Executive Committee.
RoboCup-humanoid [no description available]
RoboCup-junior RoboCup Leagues for Middle and High School
RoboCup-mid [no description available]
RoboCup-nao RoboCup Nao Standard Robot League
RoboCup-nc RoboCup Regional Committees
RoboCup-rescue RoboCup Rescue Robot League
RoboCup-rescue-r [no description available]
RoboCup-rescue-s [no description available]
robocup-rescue-v RoboCup Rescue Simulation -- Virtual Robots Competition
RoboCup-sim [no description available]
RoboCup-small [no description available]
RoboCup-trustee RoboCup Trustees
Robocup-us [no description available]
RoboCup-worldwide Strongly moderated list for the RoboCup community.
RoboCup2021 [no description available]
Www [no description available]

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