[robocup-athome] Rough layout in Nagoya 2017

Komei Sugiura komei.sugiura at nict.go.jp
Tue Jul 11 16:26:32 UTC 2017

Dear @Home participants,

Since there we have many new teams this year, it might be helpful for 
them to know how the @Home area looks like. Therefore, we decided to 
disclose a *rough* layout.

The followings are @Home conventions/rules.
- The layout is fixed on-site on July 26. Until then, the layout is not 
- Precise layout is not disclosed. It will be disclosed after the 
competition finished.
- There might be any changes about the layout. Teams cannot complain 
about it.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Nagoya!!



   Komei Sugiura, Ph.D.
   Senior Researcher,
   National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

   3-5 Hikaridai, Seika, Soraku, Kyoto 619-0289, Japan
   Email: komei.sugiura at nict.go.jp
   URL:   http://komeisugiura.jp/index_en.html

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