[robocup-athome] IEEEì RO_MAN Workshop - HRI for Service Robots in RoboCup at Home

Luca Iocchi iocchi at dis.uniroma1.it
Mon Jul 3 10:11:18 UTC 2017

Dear RoboCup at Home teams,
please consider participation to this workshop that has been organized 
by the IEEE Technical Committee on RoboCup.

Best regards,


HRI for Service Robots in RoboCup at Home

Workshop of the IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human 
Interactive Communication (IEEE RO-MAN 2017)

Lisbon, Portugal, September 1st, 2017 (half day workshop).


The aim of this workshop (which is organized by the IEEE TC on RoboCup) 
is to present the challenges and technical developments addressed by 
RoboCup at Home to the research community in Human-Robot Interaction and to 
acquire feedback on the technical challenges in HRI, to be pursued 
through robotic competitions for benchmarking the performances of 
Service Robots.

The workshop is especially timely, as RoboCup at Home has just launched the 
standard platform league by selecting two platforms, namely the Softbank 
Pepper and the HR Toyota Robots. The adoption of standard platforms can 
be beneficial in several respects. On one hand it will make the 
competition framework more accessible to the researchers in HRI as the 
standard platform allows to focus on the HRI development, by exploiting 
exhaustive solutions for the basic functions. On the other hand, the use 
of a standard platform allows for a more specialized setting for 
benchmarking and comparison of the results of experiments aiming at 
assessing manifold design choices in HRI. In this respect, the workshop 
will also provide a forum to discuss the approach to benchmarking in 
other competitions, in particular the European Robotics League on 
Service Robotics (ESR-RL).

The technical programme of the workshop will include:

-- a session of technical contributions;

-- a panel discussion focused on the HRI challenges that are currently 
developed in the competition and can be added to the competition.

We solicite contributions to the panel discussion in the form of a 
position paper of 2 pages to be mailed at capobianco at dis.uniroma1.it by 
July 20^th . The earlier, the better. We will send acceptance 
notifications and make the final programme available shortly afterwords.

Confirmed speakers: Manuela Veloso (CMU, Pittsburg), Pedro Lima (IST, 
Lisbon), Francesco Ferro (Pal Robotics), Amit Kumar Pandey (Softbank 
Robotics),Winners of RoboCup 2017, Participants of ERL event at IEEE Ro-Man.

Keywords: Gesture, Sound, Non-verbal communication, Facial expressions, 
Joint Actions, Behaviour Recognition, Proxemics, Spoken Language 
Interaction, Human Robot Dialogues, Social navigation, Social rules, HRI 
Testing, Performance Evaluation, Benchmarking.

Organizing Committee; Daniele Nardi (Sapienza Univ. Roma), Minoru Asada 
( Osaka University, Japan), Daniel Lee (Univ. Pennsylvania, 
Philadelphia, USA), Manuela Veloso (Carnegie Mellon University, 
Pittsburgh, USA), Pedro Lima (Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal)

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