[robocup-athome] 3rd Version of Rule Book

Caleb Rascon caleb at turing.iimas.unam.mx
Sat Apr 8 13:45:20 UTC 2017

Hello all,

Attached is the official 3rd version of the RoboCup at Home rule book.

The major changes to consider are:
- Since Pepper can't Set-A-Table-and-Tidy-Up very well, it may try to be a
Tour Guide instead.
- A continue rule for manipulation was added.

Additionally, lots of clarifications and typos were fixed in great part
thanks to the community contributions.

Finally, please continue contributing to the rule book, as there is so much
errors/typos a few pairs of eyes can spot in a given time. To do this, head
on to GitHub, where the rulebook is currently discussed and revised:


RoboCup Executive and Technical Committee

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