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Mon Jan 9 08:59:58 UTC 2017

*Apologies for duplicate messages*

*Call For Participation*

*RoboCup IranOpen 2017*

*April 03 - 07*

The 12th RoboCup IranOpen competitions will be held in April 03-07, 2017.
Having had the experience of 11 years successful organization of these
competitions, we look forward to an even more glorious event with more teams
 competing in this major robotics event from all over the world.

Last year, we had 272 teams from Afghanistan, Canada, China, Germany, Iran,
South Korea, Peru, UK, and USA.

RoboCup IranOpen is an attempt to further promote AI and Robotics research.
These competitions will provide a chance for all researchers to present and
share their experiences and achievements.

The RoboCup IranOpen 2017 competitions leagues are as follows:

   - RoboCupSoccer
      - Humanoid (Kid Size, Teen Size, Adult Size)
      - Middle Size
      - Small Size
      - Standard Platform
      - Soccer 3D Simulation
      - Soccer 2D Simulation
   - RoboCupRescue
      - Rescue Robot
      - Rescue Simulation
      - Rescue Virtual Robot
   - RoboCup at Home

   - RoboCupIndustrial
   - RoboCup at Work

   - RoboCupJunior
      - Junior Soccer Open
      - Junior Soccer B Light Weight
      - Junior Rescue A Primary
      - Junior Rescue A Secondary
      - Junior Rescue B
      - Junior CoSpace Rescue

The following leagues will be also be organized in conjunction with RoboCup
IranOpen 2017:

   - Middle Size Intelligent Deminer Robots
   - Small Size Intelligent Deminer Robots
   - Tele-operated Deminer Robots
   - Deminer Technical Challenge
   - IranOpenROV (Radio Operated Vehicles - underwater robots)
   - Explorer Category
      - Navigator Category (for Junior only)
   - IranOpenUAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Indoor and Outdoor)
   - Indoor Category
      - Outdoor Category
   - Major Demo
   - Junior Demo Common Challenge
   - Junior Demo Open Challenge

All teams are required to pre-register through the online form available in
the website. The pre-registered teams should then submit the relevant
qualification materials.

Last year 316 teams were qualified from 624 pre-registered teams.

Important dates:

   - Pre-Registration: November 21, 2016 - January 19, 2017
   - Submission of qualification materials: refer to leagues pages in the
   - Qualification: January 20 - February 03, 2017
   - Early Registration: February 04 - 24, 2017
   - Late Registration: February 25 - March 10, 2017

For further information please visit our official website at

For inquiries please contact us via the below email addresses:

   - General Inquiries: info at iranopen.ir
   - Registration: registration at iranopen.ir
   - Visa & International Affairs: visa at iranopen.ir
   - Travel Support (for international teams): asadollah_norouzi at sp.edu.sg

Social Media Links

   - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robocupiranopen/
   - Google+: https://plus.google.com/communities/111497896135259743202

Regards On behalf of,
Iranian RoboCup Regional Committee
RoboCup IranOpen 2017 Organizing Committee

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